Illustration artists enjoy collaborating with companies, institutions, organizations, events,and etc. We have been collaborating with some as presented in below. 

Here are some of the ways you can work with us:

1. Promotion

We love to promote you and your work on Illustration Artists, so if you need promotion, please send us an email at

2. Sponserd posts

If you are interested to advertise your exhibition, festival, online shop or other events, we can tottally support you. (Of course it should be illustration-based)

3. Media Sponsorship

We are interested in being the media sponsor of your events and cover all the news and activities for your occasions. So far, we have been the media sponsor of Six Impossible Wishes, and La Guarimba Film Festival.

4. Online Exhibition

Every Wednesday we showcase selective illustrations on our Instagram Story and we call it Pajama Gallery, since you certainly visit the exhibition in your pajamas! If you are interested in participating in our next exhibition, simply send us an email to receive more information about submission process.

5. Curation

We love selecting beautiful artworks for artsy events and exhibition if you need help or need a guest curator you can count on us!


Kia Literary Agency

Six Impossible Wishes